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What Eczema looks like

Eczema is always a rash or often a raised patch of red skin that has been irritated by contact with some item that irritates it. The item can be by being rubbed, contact with substances that causes the red irritation, Adults are most often affected more often, but children are beginning to have more eczema symptoms also. Eczema is a skin disorder with scaly, itchy rashes that sometieme becomes raw, crack and bleed.

Eczema symptoms are dry, red raised patch of skin that often has a scaly appearance. And also the areas itches the patient and becomes very sensitive and maybe even raw in appearance and bleeds or weaps body fluid.

The cause of eczema is often contact with shoe, clothing, eye glasses at the bridge of the nose or at the top of ears. Likewise, eczema is often caused by skin chemicals, detergents, cosmetic and our foods and drinks. Those foods that are processed and beverages that are canned or bottled are usually the worst irritants for the entire body. Especially notable are various sodas, pops, or soft drinks containing sugar, aspartame, and carbonated or powdered soft drinks as they are very acidic or have a low 'pH' (potential of hydrogen). These drinks are acidic enough to remove paint from your car hood, clean or toilets or to dissolve a nail. Likewise, they are hard on the teeth and stomach lining causing ulcers. Also further damage is to the intestines resulting in Chron's disease. Likewise, coffee is acidic but not as much so as sodas. A simple concept is to 'eat out of the garden' as our great grandparents did 100 years ago. Vegetable and water are the best, least expensive and the best to eat for a healthy skin and body.

Eczema is a long term skin problem for most patients and usually requiring medical products for many patients.Eczema is often interchanged with psoriasis and dermatitis.

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